19"-Gehäuse- und Schranktechnik - die optimale Schale für wertvolle Elektronik
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                                 Wall-mounting enclosure systems

19" wall housing VARi 2000
       19"-wall housing VARi 2000
      IP 20
19" Wall housing optiRACK

      19"-wall housing optiRACK
Wall-mounted enclosure for fibre or copper distribution

       Wall-mounted enclosure for fibre and copper distribution, up to IP54
19" wall housing VARi Industry
      19"-wall housing VARi Industry
      up to IP54      
19" wall housing VARi IT 501

       19"-wall housing VARi IT
      up to IP54
wall housing Flex 310
       Wall mounting enclosure 
Flex 310

Wall mounting enclosures for industrial controls and outdoor applications. We offer wall-mounting enclosures and industrial enclosures with fans, power strips and wiring - according to your requirements and fields of application, with EMC and IP protection.

      PDF-Download: „Wall-mounting enclosure systems”