19"-Gehäuse- und Schranktechnik - die optimale Schale für wertvolle Elektronik
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NEW: 19" floor-standing/wall-mounted system VARi IT 501

19inch floor-standing/wall-mounted enclosure VARi IT

  • developed for flexible Networking solutions in industrial and office applications
  • available as floor-standing or wallmounting rack
  • fast and easy access due to dismountable frame Covers
  • solid frame construction (welded frame)
  • available with doors or dismountable front and rear Covers
  • 19” mounting level moved to front for better access (for version with covers)
  • available depths: D=400 mm – D=1000 mm (depending on enclosure combination)
  • pre-perforated cut-outs for easy cable entry in top & bottom
  • possibility to mount fan-units in top & bottom
  • door hinges interchangeable (upon request)
  • doors with lever lock (profile semi cylinder optional)
  • covers and side walls with sashfasteners
  • wide range of possibilities for configuration
  • full range of IT-specific accessories
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      PDF-Download: Flyer 19" floor-standing/wall-mounted enclosure VARi IT


Illustrative animation movie of the VARi IT enclosure design: