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Digital direct printing - high quality multiple colour printing without extra costs

  • faster
  • more flexibility
  • cheaper
  • for metallic and plastic surfaces

apra-norm Elektromechanik GmbH enlarges its technology by digital printing. This new printing system is based on a solids direct printing system and enables high quality multiple colour printing at a reasonable price not depending on numbers of colours used.

Printing is carried out corresponding to customer’s specifications in just one process with any colour directly from the customer’s file to the enclosure or component.

Even capillary lines and smallest type sizes are printed high-definition reproduced. Colours are highly resistant against light, heat, coldness, chemicals and other environmental influences.

Digital printing is especially suitable for single piece production or small batches.

Foredoomed in the past due to high production costs can now be offered at a reasonable price: digital printing makes an individual enclosure design possible – even for 1 piece! However, digital printing can also be used for large production batches and offers a lot for advantages compared to conventional silk-screen printing.

apra-norm always accommodates customer requirements by most modern technologies combining highest demands for quality, economy and individuality.

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