19"-Gehäuse- und Schranktechnik - die optimale Schale für wertvolle Elektronik
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Fundamental rules

  • We are a team of highly motivated co-workers
    Our way of working is inspired by confidential and goal-orientated team-work and is the fundament of our business.
  • We are customer-orientated
    By thorough consultation and attendance and with competent co-workers we win the trust of our clients. We can work out individual customer-solutions using strong flexibility in the product arrangement.
  • We offer high quality
    We are constantly working on the improvement of our quality standards, the certifications by DIN ISO EN 9001 and DIN ISO EN 14001 are self-evident because quality is the highest rule of success.
  • We use our “synergies”
    By cooperating with our other company outlets we are able to work and produce with different materials, such as: aluminium steel, plastics and sheet metal for arranging and the production of our products.
  • We guarantee quick access of our standard  products
    We have to be faster and better than our competition, we have to face this challenge day by day.
  • We are flexible
    Only those who can react to all sorts of changes will have years of success. We have been able to hold and prove our success for over 30 years.

Our slogan: Our competence for your success!